As a shared space, the Voxel Lab is used by many people for different purposes.

This shared calendar gives us a way of knowing when the space is available, and who to expect in the lab at any given time. Access to add to the calendar is provided to Voxel Lab Mentors and Core Members.

Voxel Orientations are offered during Open Hours (usually weekdays at 6pm).
Other trainings, like shop safety training, sewing machine training, and Studio 38 orientation, are usually available on weekdays at around 7pm—different trainings are offered on different days, so email to request.

As a reminder:

  • Members have access from 12pm-8pm
  • Mentors have access from 8am-11pm
  • Core Members have access 24/7

    Remember: never work with tools alone!

Calendar Key

Here is a guide to knowing how to read calendar listings:

  • [Open Hours] – the lab is staffed by a core member or mentor, and they are available to provide orientations and trainings – orientations are generally offered at 6pm, other trainings at 7pm
  • [Staffed] – the lab will have a mentor or core member in it, but they may working on other things and not be available for orientations and trainings
  • [reserved] – the lab is reserved for a meeting or class, and is not available for general use