A Home for Music Production

Studio38 is a student-run space established to support the creativity, collaboration, growth, and passion of music makers at MIT. 

Just a few doors down from the Voxel Lab, Studio38 is equipped with audio recording and mixing essentials, as well as synthesizers, midi controllers, and other music gear for students to explore. The room is also outfitted with student-designed and built acoustic treatment and soundproofing, made to provide users with an exceptional environment for recording and mixing quality audio on campus.

Membership and Access

Studio access is limited to Voxel members who have attended a mandatory Studio38 orientation session. For orientation scheduling and other studio-related inquiries, contact voxel-staff@mit.edu.


As a unique resource for musicians on campus, Studio38 is also a hub for forging creative connections. For more information about the student music production community, or to receive updates regarding workshops, jam sessions, and other related events with the MIT Music Production Collaborative, contact mit-mpc-exec@mit.edu.