A creative hub

The Voxel Lab is a prototyping space available to anyone in the MIT Community interested in working on music and arts related projects.

A cross-departmental project established in fall 2021 by MIT Music & Theater Arts, the Arts at MIT, and the Office of InnovationHQ, the Voxel Lab offers space and tools for creative work in music, photography, textiles, fashion, and other digital arts. Voxel is also home to Studio38, a music recording and production studio, and the Creative Arts Competition, which supports arts-focused startups at the Institute.

The Voxel Lab is student- and community-run. While we do have a few faculty/staff helping to organize the space, student groups and dedicated individuals play a large role in shaping the current and future facilities and activities. Become a Voxel member today, and start making the lab your own!

Location and Hours

MIT InnovationHQ (iHQ) Building (google map)
292 Main Street, Floor 3 (E38-391)
Cambridge, Massachusetts 01230

The Voxel Lab is located in the new iHQ building, which is unlocked from 8am until 6pm. Outside of these hours, a valid MIT ID is required to tap in. Access to the lab on the third floor of iHQ requires MIT ID card access, which granted upon membership.

iHQ Hours:
Monday through Friday from 8am – 6pm
Access to E38 and iHQ after-hours available upon request

Meet our amazing team

Faculty and Staff Facilitators

Ian Hattwick

Ian Hattwick

Lecturer, Music Technology
MIT Music and Theater Arts

Ian Hattwick is an artist, researcher, and technology developer whose work focuses on the creation and use of digital systems for professional artistic performances. With a background in music composition and performance, he is particularly interested in use of multimodal hardware systems to explore and facilitate social and embodied interaction.  He received his Ph.D. from McGill University and holds degrees from the University of California, Irvine and the University of Southern California.

Danna Solomon

Interim Manager of Student Arts Programs

Danna Solomon has been working in the arts and culture sector in Boston for fifteen years, including four years in the Office of the Arts at MIT. She holds a Master’s in Arts, Festival & Cultural Management from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, and a BA from Tufts University. Her background is in interdisciplinary arts production, particularly circus, theatre, and music, and she works with several local community arts organizations in administration, organizational leadership, and production. Danna plays the flute, and enjoys reading, knitting, dance, theatre, puzzles, and Alan Cumming’s Instagram.

Portrait of Sarah Hirzel in front of green plants.

Sarah Hirzel

Maker in Residence, Wiesner Student Art Gallery Curator

Sarah Hirzel is an artist, teacher, and gardener who explores how landscapes in urban and suburban spaces are shaped by human values. She works in traditional drawing media and with textiles, printmaking and photography. She has taught at Wesleyan University, Fordham University and Stern College of Yeshiva University. She is a graduate of the Yale School of Art, Department of Painting and Printmaking, and Wesleyan University.

Student Staff

matt smiles for the camera in a gray collared shirt

Matt Caren ’25

Matthew Caren is an undergraduate studying computer science, math, and music, with a special interest in expressive music technology. He loves creating new gadgets to create, destroy, exploit, sculpt, dissect, wear, burn, and play with sound.

clay smiles in an MIT sweatshirt

Clay Lewis ’26

Clay Lewis is a freshman hoping to major in 21M (studying Music Technology in particular). He’s been producing as a hobby for about 10 years but started taking it more seriously within the last 2. He’s also been tinkering with things for a long time – a trait that he imagines many MIT students share – so anything to do with music and/or technology piques his interest!

nina smiles fr the camera in front of boston with moose the voxel dog

Nina Masuelli ’23

Nina is a senior majoring in music. Her other interests include art, design, and building things, so she is very grateful to have been a founding member of Voxel Lab. Alongside her dog Moose, Nina can often be found in the iHQ at strange hours of the night- either in Voxel building more things for Studio38, or in Studio38 starting yet another project…

lola writes on a tablet in the voxel lab

Lola Wolf ’23

Lola Wolf is a senior in Course 6-3 minoring in Design. As a digital painter, her favorite pieces of equipment in the lab are the digital drawing tablets. She also enjoys creating collages, sewing, and laser-cutting.

Student Groups

FaMLE Logo


The MIT laptop ensemble 21M,470

FaMLE is a forum for the exploration of emerging digital musical practices, with a particular focus on collaborative music performance. We use a variety of software and hardware instruments to learn about current performance techniques, and ensemble members have the opportunity to create new compositions and instruments to explore their personal musical interests.


Digital Art & Animation

DAA@MIT (or DAAMIT) is home to many of MIT’s aspiring and experienced digital artists! Our club works to foster the digital arts community at MIT by providing people with the resources and peers needed to engage with digital art.


Music Production Collaborative

We are a new student group which seeks to promote the collaboration, education, and exchange of ideas among MIT community members interested in all aspects of music production.

We help organize Studio38 @ the Voxel Lab!

Moose, the Voxel Dog

Moose the dog, posing proudly.
Moose the dog, posing for a photo in the lab.
Moose, being goofy!