The Voxel Lab:
MIT’s music and art makerspace

Nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship in music and the arts at MIT

Make it happen, here.

The Voxel Lab is open to anyone in the MIT community who is interested in working on music & arts related projects!

Make your project come to life

Use our tools, instruments, equipment, and lab space to realize your vision

Connect with the MIT arts community

Meet musicians, fashion designers, digital artists, animators & other artists at the Voxel Lab social hours, or just hanging out in the Lab.

Learn new skills

Get trained to use the Voxel Lab equipment or come to a workshop to learn about cutting edge music & art technology

Shape the future of the Voxel Lab

The Voxel Lab is community run. Our core members determine how the lab will grow, schedule events and workshops in the lab, and plan for new equipment and supplies. Become a core member and help make the Voxel Lab your home!

What’s underway at the lab

For Voxel’s inaugural semester we have been the home for FaMLE (the MIT Laptop Ensemble), DAAMIT (Digital Art & Animation Club), MPC (Music Production Collaborative), and other student groups. We’ve also supported MEng and undergraduate coursework as well as a variety of personal projects. Check out the gallery for a selection and submit your projects to show everyone what you’ve been up to! Don’t forget to tag us on instagram @mit.voxel.lab